Dear Friends of miniature art,
my next fairs are:

  • MiniaturenArt   -   Korntal / 14.03.2015
  • Chicago International   -   Chicago / 17.04. - 19.04.2015
  • 1zu12   -   Reda Wiedenbrück / 30.05. - 31.05.2015
  • SIMP   -   Paris / 21.06.2015
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    Only some samples of my work. You find more pictures on my image blog

    Miss Marple


    sailing boat


    sleeping women








    About me

    Welcome to my homepage!
    Already as a child I was occupying myself with creative things. It was a long way to the size 1to12. Actually it was by hazard that I looked into it. A friend of mine was moaning that she can't get nude puppets for her dollhouse. That was for me the inintial impulse.
    After a long time of experimenting with all kinds of materials and a detour with Paperclay I found in Superskulpey Livingdoll finally my material.
    Since eight years 1to12 is my hobby. Besides making dollhous puppets, I produce also the clothes and accessories in 1to12. Turnery of wood expands my portfolio in 2014. I like to forfill also the requests of my customers by making portraits with the help of a picture.
    Enjoy your stay at my homepage!


    Do you have any questions regarding my work or realisiblity of your requests? You can reach me by e-mail, facebook or the contac form below.